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Free Quick Hit Slots

Free Quick Hit Slots

Online casino games that involve slot machines are called Quick Hit Slots. In the past such slots were available in land-based casinos but with the advent of online gambling it has been introduced into online casinos as well. The slot machine games on the internet are a variant of the more traditional ones. In such games the objective is to hit a jackpot that increases by the push of a button.

There are three basic types of the Quick Hit Slots game. They are single-line, multi-line and multi-spiral. Single-line slots are one that uses only one reel or number combinations. Multi-line version of the game requires at least five reels for every combination that can be pulled and will thus pay out at least thirty paylines.

Quick Hit Slots versions

Free Quick Hit Slots

For winning the game there are certain rules that need to be followed. In the single-line version of the minimum and maximum bet that can be placed are set and hence winning will depend on the number of bets that are placed. In the multi-line version the maximum and minimum bets are doubled while the winnings in the bonus round are limited to two coins from each pull. The latest addition in the multi-line version of the game is the “pick em” bonus rounds where the bonus is doubled if a player takes an additional free spin after he wins his initial choice.

There are certain strategies involved in the multi-line version of the game. If a player wishes to increase his earnings in the multi-line version of the game, he needs to be at least twenty times. For doubling the payout he should bet at least forty times. The same strategy applies for the “progressive” version of the game. For doubling the payout in this slot machine, players need to bet at least sixty times.

High jackpots

It is believed that in order to maximize the chances of winning in the slots, a player should play quick hit slots that offer high jackpots. This is because such high jackpots encourage the players to play more in the hope of winning even more money. Players who wish to increase their chances of winning should play quick hit slots that offer multipliers. Players who bet per line do not stand a chance to win such large jackpots.

When players play the slots they need to know what the odds of winning are for each symbol they have selected. For this information they can visit the internet website of the Electronic Gaming Monitoring Corporation (EGMC). The odds for every symbol in the nine random number combinations that are displayed on the screens of the machines are stated in the results. Each combination is listed either with a letter or a number beside it. The results are updated regularly and are available online.

To increase one’s chances of winning in the slots a player should visit any number of online casino websites. Some of these websites offer free quick hit slot games. Players should read the bonus details before selecting any game. Sometimes the bonus is in the form of credits that can be used to play online slot games. The player has to complete in online casino to earn the credits.

Increase your chances of winning in the online casino Malaysia

While playing online casino Malaysia, a player should make sure that he does not bet more than he can afford to lose. He should try to select the right kind of online casino Malaysia slot machine. For example, the player should never select a machine where he might end up losing all his money. Software may also contain features that help the player to increase his chances of winning in the slots. Quick Hit Slots are available for free. Free slots offer players free practice of playing slots before making real bets.